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Boho Chic Crochet Headband

I absolutely fell in love with the Scheepjes Catona cotton yarn that I purchased recently to design this Boho Chic Crochet Headband. The softness of this yarn is just amazing and the off-white tone gives the white headband such a soft vintage look. I also decided to make another slightly different design with a chain running through the centre in silver and I love the result just as much! You can find the free pattern for this Boho Chic Crochet Headband below.

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Get the Add Free, easy to follow, printable picture tutorial PDF pattern on ETSY or RAVELRY.

PIN this pattern to your Pinterest boards for later HERE.PIN this pattern to your Pinterest boards for later HERE.

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My eight year old daughter and two year old daughter love this boho chic crochet headband. I have broken up more than one fight between them both over who gets to wear the white one. Thankfully the little one is perfectly happy to wear the grey one – it is so easy to resize these headbands to fit any sized head. I love how this design goes perfectly with the childrens’ summer outfits and I don’t think it would look out of place at a more formal event like a wedding. I also think this would look just as amazing for us ladies when paired with something like a denim jacket over a relaxed summer dress. I am so excited that I can finally share this pattern completely for free with you as the first post on my blog.

The Yarn

As I mentioned earlier I am in love with Scheepjes Catona. It is such a high quality mercerised cotton yarn and it works so well for some many projects (check out my Boho Belt, Teagan Summer Top and Sea Spray Shrug). This yarn has such a lustrous sheen and the stitch definition is just amazing. It is well worth getting some of this yarn in your stash if you don’t have some already.

Buy it now

Get Scheepjes Catona HERE from Amazon.

Scheepjes Catona is a 100% mercerised cotton that is a superfine / fingering weight yarn.

I will receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, see my disclosure policy for more information.Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on these links & make a purchase I will receive a small commission. This won’t cost you anything but it does make it possible for me to keep providing my patterns for free here on One Dutch Stitch. For more information please see my disclosure policy & thank you so much for your support!

The Pattern

Get the Ad Free, easy to follow, printable picture tutorial PDF pattern on ETSY or RAVELRY.

PIN this pattern to your Pinterest boards for later HERE.

Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue HERE.


Required Materials

Crochet Terms: This pattern follows American (US) terminology

Materials: Yarn, hook, scissors

Yarn Suggestions: I used Scheepjes Catona cotton yarn with a 3mm hook. The colours I used are Bridal White and Light Silver. Each headband used 15 grams of yarn. If you use a different yarn make sure to check the suggested hook size from the label.

Get Scheepjes Catona HERE.

Yarn Weight Conversions: The Scheepjes Catona is fingering weight / no1 superfine / 4 ply / 14 wpi.

Difficulty Level: A beginner who has mastered the basic stitches.


Stitches & Abbreviations

Chain: (Ch)

Slip stitch: (st)

Single crochet: (sc)

Double crochet: (dc)

Picot: 1 double crochet, chain three, slip stitch into top of double crochet to close the chain 3, reads as: (1dc, 3ch, st).

Multiples: 12 stitches +1, plus 1 for the foundation chain.

Sizing: You can google typical head sizes for specific age groups. However, be careful with this. The sample headband fit my head as I have a small head. It also fit my 8-year-old daughter, who has a large head. I recommend measuring the head of the person who will wear the headband for the best fit. You should measure the distance from ear to ear across the head (main part of the headband) and the distance behind the two ears (the strap for the back / underneath of the head). If you do not have a measuring tape then make the foundation chain and hold the chain from ear to ear on the person who will wear the headband. Do the same for the strap at the back.

Sample headband dimensions: The sample headbands had a total circumference of 56cm (22 inches) and width of 5.5cm (2.1 inches). These measurements may be different depending on what yarn you use and the hook size.


The Pattern

Front of the headband

Foundation Chain

Ch 62 [If you want to increase the length of the headband then add 12 stitches to the foundation chain. If you want to reduce the length of the headband than reduce the amount of foundation stitches by 12 stitches]

Row 1

1sc in 2nd chain from the hook. *Ch5, skip 3ch, 1sc in next ch*. Repeat what is between the ** until the end of the row. Turn.

*Note, when you single crochet into the foundation don’t go under just the top loop but also the go under the bar in the middle of the chain and the top loop*

Row 2

Ch 5 (this counts as 1 double crochet and a chain 2). *1sc around the first ch5 arch, 8dc in the next arch, 1sc in the next arc, ch5.* Repeat what is between the ** until the last arch. 1sc in the last arch, ch2 and 1dc in the last stitch. Turn.

Row 3

Ch1, 1sc in the first stitch. Skip the first [2ch, 1sc] from the previous round. *Picot (1dc, 3ch, st top of dc) in the next 7dc of the previous row, 1dc in the last dc, 1sc in the next arch of previous row* Repeat what is between ** until the end.

Row 3 continued

You should now have one half of the headband made and you need to move around and complete the other half of the headband. You can do this in two ways: (a) you can slip stitch around each stitch to the left until you have reached the very first chain of the foundation chain (identify it with the tail of yarn left from when you started the foundation chain), or (b) you can tie off the yarn and re-join the yarn on the first chain of the foundation chain.

Repeating the pattern on the other side of the foundation chain

If you want a chain through the centre of the headband (see the grey headband) then repeat rows 1, 2 and 3.

If you don’t want a chain through the centre of the headband (see the white headband) then repeat Rows 2 and 3. To begin with Row 2 you just single and double crochet into the arches that have already been made when you crocheted Row 1 for the first half of the hairband.


Back of the headband

At the end of the repeat rows you will now make the back strap of the headband. You must now decide how wide you would like the back strap to be. Then single crochet across to the desire thickness. The sample headband strap was 3single crochet across. I started my first single crochet one stitch before the centre, the second in the centre and I placed the last single crochet one stitch after the centre. Once you have identified where you want to the strap to start you slip stitch to the side of the headband to this point. Then single crochet until the strap is the desired width.

Turn, ch1 and single crochet across your new row of single crochets. Repeat this until the strap is the desire length. To finish, slip stitch to the other side of the front part of the headband and weave in any loose ends.

I hope you enjoyed making your own Boho Chic Crochet Headband. I would love to see your finished pieces.. you can share them with me here:

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Christy Wolf
Christy Wolf
Jul 21, 2023

What do you mean by sc around the ch 5 arch? do you mean to skip it and sc in the next stitch or to sc in the arch?

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